Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our First Thanksgiving!

This year was my first Thanksgiving as a Wells! We started the holiday "trade-off" last year, so this was also my first Thanksgiving in Tallahassee! Oh, and Jamie's first road trip as well!

When we arrived in Tally, we were greeted by our new little cousin, Hudson and his mama, Nicole! Look at these cuties sitting still for the camera!
 Everyone pray for Hudson and Nicole this month....Hudson has to have surgery on his arm in Gainesville. We're lifting up prayers to the Hagerty family and Huddle Bugs!
 You would think labs are natural swimmers... but our Jamie is not your ordinary lab. You would also think that pools in Florida would still be warm this time of year. Nothing stops Clay.
 Poor Jambo....Not so sure about being in the water.
 "I don't think I like this, Dad."
 "I am much happier on dry land, thankyouverymuch."
 She was such a little trooper!
 She earned a new Christmas toy after facing her fears in the pool! Thank you Kiki and Pops!
 "I could sit here all day and watch the squirrels!"
 Off to our first Thanksgiving dinner of the day! Jamie likes to be up front in the action!
 One meal down, one meal to go. Nothing like a little nap in the car.
 We got to play with Hudson again at our next Thanksgiving dinner! We're still learning to share our toys.
 Somebody's worn out. Jamie loves to snuggle with Pops!
 Jamie loves to kiss Kiki!
 On Friday, the Mitchells came over to play before the Auburn game!
 We got doggy Christmas cookies!!
 "I chased everybody around the pool (rather than in the pool)!"
 Saturday, we went to the UF/FSU Football Game!

 Brittany and Joe: Our other favorite "house divided" married couple!

 Father & Son
We're so happy to be at the UF Game that Auburn beat Alabama the day before! :)

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  1. Love the post! The pictures of the pups are just too cute! I cant wait until the next visit so Jamie & Huds can actually play together. Thanks for the prayers and we will keep you updated on the surgery :(